Customize Your Grave Marker with Fun Additions


If you plan to be buried after you die, then choosing a grave marker is an essential part of creating your funeral plan. Grave markers serve multiple purposes. They identify the person buried in a burial plot, give family members and friends a physical symbol of their deceased loved one, and give the dead a place to write or display anything they wish to leave for future generations. These days, custom-engraved grave markers can even include images as well as beautifully lettered text.

7 August 2020

Typical Misconceptions About Cemeteries As A Final Resting Place


When you are in the process of creating your final arrangements for your funeral, you will likely face a lot of questions about cemeteries. Check out some of the most common myths about these burial grounds so you have a better understanding.  Myth: Cemeteries require that you buy a headstone.  Some cemeteries may require that you buy a headstone, but many of them will not require that at all. You can choose to leave the grave unmarked if that is what you prefer to do.

22 July 2020

7 Steps To An Sustainable Cremation Practices


Cremation is often considered more environmentally friendly than burial. However, if protecting the environment is one of your main concerns, there are several decisions you can make to have a green funeral.  Skip Embalming  Embalming a body uses a large amount of formaldehyde that is released in the air when the body is cremated. You can avoid this by skipping the embalming. In some states, you can still have a viewing without embalming if you have your funeral soon after the death.

18 June 2020

Tips For Telling Loved Ones You Want To Be Cremated


Everyone's life comes to an end one day. When that time comes for you, it will be up to the loved ones you leave behind to take care of your body. However, you can and should make some decisions regarding your remains now, while you're alive and well. If you've decided on cremation, telling your family about this decision can be hard, particularly if cremation has not been common or standard in your family.

5 June 2020

Cremation: A Worthy Option During The COVID-19 Outbreak


Cremation has been on the rise for a while. It has become an increasingly popular and accepted alternative to burial, with religious traditions becoming more open to it and individuals becoming more aware of its benefits. During the COVID-19 outbreak, however, cremation is even more appealing than before. Here is a look at some of the benefits of cremation during this unprecedented era, along with some advice for moving forward if you do choose cremation for your loved one.

5 June 2020

Planning A Funeral In Advance: Common Misconceptions


Planning your funeral early in life gives you peace in knowing that this is not something you will be leaving for your next of kin when you pass on. Even though advance planning is relatively common in modern times, it is still a topic that has a lot of misconceptions associated with it. Here is a look at some of the common misconceptions about funeral planning.  Misconception: You have to go to the funeral home to plan your funeral in advance.

22 May 2020

3 Critical Things to Decide When Planning a Future Funeral


Have you ever considered before what is going to happen once you or one of your loved ones passes on? Are you currently wondering what should be done to get your affairs in order, just in case? Even if you are relatively healthy, accidents can happen at any time. Another driver could cause a fatal accident and that'd be the end. While it might not be the most pleasant thing to think about, it's still something that needs to be considered.

27 February 2020

What If I Don't Want A "Funeral" Service?


For most families, a funeral service when someone dies is a logical way to give everyone a chance to memorialize and honor the deceased. Yet these services aren't everyone's cup of tea; it's possible that you don't like the idea of everyone gathering around and talking about you in that setting. Luckily, you have a few options for your final wishes, and a funeral home can still help your family deal with your death even if you don't want to hold a traditional style of service.

26 February 2020

Use Floral Displays During And After A Cremation Ceremony


A funeral wreath, floral sprays, and bouquets of fresh-cut flowers will add a soft scent and delicate visuals to the outdoor area that you have selected for your mother's cremation ceremony. If you are going to tie the environment into the ash-spreading process, plan how you would like to execute the transition from sitting down to walking along a riverbank or grove where the ashes will be dispersed. A Canopy And Moveable Displays

25 February 2020

Why Planning Your Own Funeral May Be A Good Idea


If the thought of planning your own funeral sounds a bit morbid or like a joke, then you are not alone in that thinking. Unless you are in the funeral business, then the thought of planning anyone's funeral while they are still alive might be a little bit weird, but it's actually something that you may want to think about. 1. It Can save You Money Just like with most things, pre-planning your funeral can save you and your family a lot of money.

24 February 2020