Tips For Telling Loved Ones You Want To Be Cremated


Everyone's life comes to an end one day. When that time comes for you, it will be up to the loved ones you leave behind to take care of your body. However, you can and should make some decisions regarding your remains now, while you're alive and well. If you've decided on cremation, telling your family about this decision can be hard, particularly if cremation has not been common or standard in your family. Here are some ways you can help your family understand and become more comfortable with your choice.

Tell everyone at once

If possible, you should arrange to have all of your family members (and even close friends) present at once so you can inform them all about your choice to be cremated at the same time. This is a good approach for several reasons. First, it means you only have to explain yourself once; you don't have to repeat yourself or keep thinking of new ways to phrase things. Second, it helps all of your family members feel as though they're being treated equally and fairly in terms of this news.

Don't do this at a holiday gathering or birthday party when everyone is trying to have a good time. Rather, invite everyone over for a separate dinner or casual gathering.

Have resources on hand

If your family is unfamiliar with cremation, or if they are outright against cremation, they may struggle to understand why you would want to do such a thing. Having resources on hand to back up the benefits of your choice can help you explain your decision clearly. Bring up the well-known advantages of cremation. Talk about how it is better for the planet, more affordable, and gives loved ones moire flexibility in dealing with the remains. Your family members may not be convinced that they should also be cremated, but they will at least understand the reasoning behind your decision, which should help them accept it.

Visit the funeral home together

If you are worried your family won't follow through with your wishes, you should make living arrangements with a funeral home. Basically, this means you'll pre-pay for your cremation and sign a contract with a funeral home who will do the work. Once you've done this, arrange to have your family members visit the funeral home with you. Having them meet and talk with the funeral director will help them become more comfortable with the situation.

Telling your family that you want to be cremated can be tough, but with the tips above, you can do so kindly and successfully.

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5 June 2020

Saying Goodbye With Grace

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