Customize Your Grave Marker with Fun Additions


If you plan to be buried after you die, then choosing a grave marker is an essential part of creating your funeral plan. Grave markers serve multiple purposes. They identify the person buried in a burial plot, give family members and friends a physical symbol of their deceased loved one, and give the dead a place to write or display anything they wish to leave for future generations. These days, custom-engraved grave markers can even include images as well as beautifully lettered text. If you are planning your funeral and want to make your grave memorable, here are several fun things you can add to your gravestone.

Reveal a Long-Kept Secret

Some secrets feel purpose-made for grave markers. These secrets don't have to be intense or life-altering, although they can be. If you have anything you wish to reveal to your family and have them remember you by after you pass on, putting that information on your grave market will keep your revealed secret in their memories. One of the best secrets to add to your grave is a secret recipe. If you promised your family that the only way they would get the recipe from you was over your dead body, well, why not put it over your grave? This kind of secret will make everyone from family members to passers-by smile and remember you fondly.

Add an Engraved Portrait

Your grave marker should be a representation of you and your life. Traditional grave markers accomplish this goal by listing key information about the deceased, including birth and death dates, spouse(s) and children, and birth and death locations. Modern grave markers give people another option: custom portraits. Thanks to laser-engraving techniques, you can include a flawless portrait on your gravestone that will stand the test of time. Don't worry about selecting a recent portrait. Your gravestone is meant to showcase your entire life, not just the last few years, so choose the portrait you feel represents you best. 

Share Words of Wisdom

In some ways, the words on your gravestone are the last words you share with the world. So, make them count. Adding words of wisdom to a grave marker is a time-honored tradition, and with precise laser-engraving, you can add more text to smaller areas, leaving you with plenty of space to write a message on almost any grave marker. These words can be self-written, or you can choose a quote or passage from a religious text that inspires you. Try to make your words comforting to those who will mourn your loss.

To learn more about custom-engraved grave markers, contact headstone engravers in your area.


7 August 2020

Saying Goodbye With Grace

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