Urn, Memorial, Or Keepsake? How To Choose A Vessel For Your Cremains.


Pre-planning a cremation service will give you several options including the type of cremation and ceremony you would like. Burial arrangements are part of the discussion as well as the type of cremation vessel you want. The cremation vessel can become the most difficult choice for many people. If you are facing this choice, here are some of the most popular options and the pros to each one. Keep in mind, most cremation companies do have all three of these options available either in house or from an artisan. 

Cremation Urn

Cremation urns are the most common vessels for cremains. Cremation urns tend to have the shape of a covered vase. They can be made of metal, stone, wood, and in biodegrable materials. These urns will be the ones primarily featured by funeral directors as part of pre-planning packages for cremations. Most traditional urns do allow for burial of some form or can be placed within the home or a memorial site. A benefit to a traditional urn is the ability to have both tradition and versatility of placement or burial within one vessel. 

Cremation Memorial

Cremation memorials are ideal if your plan includes having the cremains placed within the home or in an interior memorial area such as a mausoleum. You may also find that a cremation memorial is easily moved and transported. This is ideal for military families that move often or families that may be moving to smaller living environments as they grow older. Keep in mind, cremation memorials can have unique options such as images engraved or placed on the front, special wording, or even images that mean something to you or your loved ones.  

Cremation Keepsake

Cremation keepsakes, such as necklaces or glass figurines, are a unique way of storing your cremains. This type of cremation option offers possibly the most versatility for your pre-planning. One of the most popular forms of cremation keepsakes is cremation jewelry. This type of keepsake is available in the form of necklaces, rings, and earrings. The cremains are pressed into a diamond like gem stone with a color that is individual to your specific cremains. 

When you make your choice, contact your funeral director or crematorium. A representative can help you with the choice of vessel for your cremains. They can also answer any questions you have about the burial process, if an urn burial is a choice. If you will be using a keepsake vessel, the representative can help with any paperwork or requests you have.


17 September 2020

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