Cemetery Headstone Selection Tips Every Family Can Use


Making the final arrangements for a beloved family member is one of the most difficult things families must face. In addition to making painful decisions about the funeral service during a time of extreme sadness, families who select interment must also begin to think about the selection of a suitable cemetery headstone.  For most families, the selection of the headstone can be more difficult than making the initial funeral arrangements because it represents a permanent message of honor and love that should last for centuries.

14 July 2021

Buying A Grave Marker For Your Loved One's Burial Place


When you have lost a loved one, you may have to go through the process of arranging a funeral service for them and preparing their burial spot. As part of this process, a grave marker will need to be procured. Often, individuals will only associate grave markers with headstones, but flat grave markers are another viable option. However, there are some myths about flat grave markers that need to be addressed.

28 April 2021

Critical Reasons to Plan Ahead and Pre-Pay for Your Funeral Services


You may have specific wishes for you how you want your final arrangements to be carried out. However, if you fail to put them in writing now, you have no way of making sure that they are held to your specifications. You have to rely on your family members and friends to remember what you want to be done after you are gone. Instead of placing your trust entirely in your survivors, you can put your plans in writing well before you pass away.

4 February 2021

Planning A Funeral? The Basics Of Funeral Flowers


If a loved one has just passed, you may be in the midst of planning a funeral service. While your loved one may have had some funeral plans in place, like who'd give the eulogy, they may not have picked out any flower arrangements. Take a look at the following guide so that this aspect of funeral planning can go more smoothly. Notify Friends and Family of Delivery Points There's a difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers.

28 January 2021