Planning A Funeral? The Basics Of Funeral Flowers


If a loved one has just passed, you may be in the midst of planning a funeral service. While your loved one may have had some funeral plans in place, like who'd give the eulogy, they may not have picked out any flower arrangements. Take a look at the following guide so that this aspect of funeral planning can go more smoothly.

Notify Friends and Family of Delivery Points

There's a difference between funeral flowers and sympathy flowers. Funeral flowers tend to be very elaborate and formal arrangements, like casket sprays, and these should be sent to the funeral home, church, or crematorium in the name of the deceased. You should provide the address of the funeral home so that family members and friends can send these flowers to the right location.

Sympathy flowers are smaller arrangements that can be sent to the office or home of the family of the deceased. However, if you don't want to receive any flowers at home, then the funeral home can also receive sympathy flowers for you to pick up at a later date or use as decoration for the memorial service.

Talk with the Funeral Home About Recommended Arrangements

If your loved one didn't leave behind any instructions for flower arrangements, you may feel lost in your choices. If you know your loved one's favorite flowers, it's appropriate to use these in their casket sprays. If you want to stick to traditional funeral flowers, lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, or carnations are all good options. The funeral home may also work with a local florist, and they can help you decide on wreaths and standing sprays as well as the casket spray.

Let the Funeral Home Know What You'd Like to Do After the Service

Once the service is over, the funeral home will want to know what you'd like to do with the flower arrangements. Some families like to take the arrangements home while others may want the funeral home to place larger arrangements on the grave of the deceased. After the funeral service, funeral home workers can also distribute flowers amongst families and friends. If the funeral home works with a florist, they may be willing to press and preserve some of the flowers for you to take home. If you don't want any of the flowers, the funeral home can remove them for you or repurpose them to a nursing home or hospital.    

Reach out to a funeral home for more details.


28 January 2021

Saying Goodbye With Grace

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