Cemetery Headstone Selection Tips Every Family Can Use


Making the final arrangements for a beloved family member is one of the most difficult things families must face. In addition to making painful decisions about the funeral service during a time of extreme sadness, families who select interment must also begin to think about the selection of a suitable cemetery headstone. 

For most families, the selection of the headstone can be more difficult than making the initial funeral arrangements because it represents a permanent message of honor and love that should last for centuries. Families who are struggling with the selection of a cemetery headstone may find the following tips helpful in their time of need. 

Avoid complicated designs and text

Families often find themselves unconsciously trying to use the cemetery headstone as something of a message board to let their lost loved one know how much they are missed by those left behind. When this happens, families can tend to lean toward complicated designs or rows of text in beautiful scripts. While these choices certainly can create a beautiful headstone, the finished product is more vulnerable to wear and age.

Instead, families may want to focus on a simpler design with clean edges, a short epitaph, or a simple message. Choosing a minimalistic design and inscriptions will allow the monument creator to make better use of the space and produce a headstone with clearer designs and text that will continue to be readable for future generations of family members. 

Choose durable stone

While marble is often chosen for headstones because of its beautiful appearance, families looking to honor a loved one with a lasting message may want to consider the use of granite instead. Because granite is a much harder stone, it is far more resistant to the damage that comes with constant exposure to the elements. Unlike marble, granite does not easily crack, break, or chip, making it much more capable of retaining its beauty through future generations. 

With a harder surface, granite can be more difficult to engrave than softer marble headstones. However, modern polishing and engraving processes used by monument makers ensure that text and designs are deeply etched to remain clearly discernible to those who may visit the gravesite in the coming centuries. 

To learn more about the process of creating a monument that will be a lasting tribute to your loved one, speak to your funeral director or contact a reputable cemetery headstone maker in your area. 


14 July 2021

Saying Goodbye With Grace

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