The Benefits Of Making Pre-Arranged Funeral Plans


Not everyone wants to think about the possibility of dying, but being prepared for what could happen is a way to keep your loved ones from going through a financial strain to afford your funeral if something did happen. By making pre-arranged funeral plans, you can begin making payments toward your funeral while making important decisions about your arrangements so that your family will not have to do so for you.

4 February 2020

6 Reasons To Consider Having Your Body Cremated


You get to decide what happens to your body after you die. You can choose to have a funeral service where your loved ones can gather and mourn your loss together and then you can choose what is done with your body. Some people decide to be buried, while others opt for cremation. The choice is completely up to you, but you may want to think about choosing cremation. Here are some top reasons to consider having your body cremated:

3 February 2020

Urn Selection And The Planning Of A Symbolic Cremation Service


If your great aunt battled a terminal illness and eventually succumbed to the disease, you will need to prepare a cremation service in her honor, if she made it clear that she wanted to be cremated and have some of her ashes poured into a natural body of water. You and your loved ones may be concerned about who will have access to your loved one's ashes. If designating one person as the owner of the urn may cause conflict, order a larger urn and some smaller ones that your close relatives can keep as mementos.

31 January 2020

Tips For Choosing A Headstone Inscription


When a loved one passes away, you may be tasked with the responsibility of choosing an inscription to be engraved on your loved one's headstone. Not sure what to pick? Check out these tips to learn more about what you should do for a loved one's cemetery headstone engraving. Take Your Time A headstone is a major purchase that you don't want to take lightly. You want to rush the inscription or make a mistake.

28 January 2020

Attending A Funeral: 5 Tips For All Visitors


Finding out that a loved one has passed away can leave you with a lot of emotions. You're saddened that your loved one is gone, and you may also be a bit apprehensive about having to attend the funeral. Most people do not go to funerals that often, so each time you do, you might be faced with a lot of the same worried about etiquette and proper behavior. Set your worries aside as you read this article, which presents five etiquette guidelines for all funeral attendees.

27 January 2020

Loved One Passed Away? 2 Tips On Helping You Choose The Right Headstone


If you had a loved one pass away, this can be a very difficult time for everyone as there are many decisions that must be made. One of these decisions is choosing the right headstone. If you are having problems with this, below are two tips to help you choose the right headstone. Headstone Materials One of the first things you will need to decide is the material you want the headstone made out of.

25 January 2020