Honoring The Wishes Of A Loved One: Understanding Types Of Cremation Services


Different people have different wishes for the disposal of their remains after their demise. These wishes are based on their convictions, such as religious inclination and their reflection of life. Honoring the wishes of a deceased is a way of paying your last respect to them and also gives you peace of mind. What would you do if a loved one wished to be cremated? Are you aware of the different types of cremation services available? Over 40% of Americans prefer cremation over traditional burial methods. This means it is likely to be in a situation where a loved one requested their body's cremation.

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a different method of disposing of a deceased person's remains than traditional burial ceremonies. The cremation process involves putting the body in a cremation furnace and burning at a high temperature, usually between 1400 and 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Cremation can also be done using water and alkali to decompose the body. The cremation process's time depends on the type of material used for the procedure. For instance, flames take a shorter time than water-based cremation.

What are Types of Cremation Services?

Factors such as cost, laws and regulations, religious traditions, and the deceased's wishes should always guide you on the type of cremation service to choose. The following three types of cremation services are the most common;

1. Cremation With a Traditional Service

This is a type of cremation where you conduct a traditional funeral service before taking the deceased body to a crematorium. The dead body is first put in a casket and is available for viewing to friends and family members. You will need a permit to conduct a funeral service and take proper measures to properly embalm the body, as it will take a day or two before cremation takes place. Having a traditional funeral service before cremation gives the deceased's loved ones a chance to view the body and pay their last respect.

2. Memorial Service After Cremation

This is a cremation service where the deceased is cremated immediately after his death and then a memorial service is conducted later. This type of service gives you ample time to reach many friends and family of the deceased who would otherwise not have been able to attend a traditional funeral service because of reasons such as geographical locations. Additionally, different states have different regulations on moving a dead body. These regulations may limit you from transporting the body to the most suitable place for conducting a traditional funeral service. After cremation, you have the flexibility to hold a memorial service at a location dearest to the deceased.

3. Direct Cremation

This is the fastest and the most time-saving type of cremation service. With direct cremation, the deceased's body is cremated immediately, and the remains are given back to you. Most people who wish their bodies to be cremated do so to prevent their families from undergoing the agony and expenses of conducting a funeral service. Direct cremation is the cheapest and simplest cremation service. You wouldn't need to incur costs such as buying caskets and renting a facility to host people for a funeral or memorial service.


17 February 2022

Saying Goodbye With Grace

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