3 Tips For Designing A Custom Headstone


When your loved one passes away, creating their cemetery headstone is one of the last acts you can do to honor your loved one and showcase who your loved one was for future generations. With advancements in customizing headstones, your loved one's headstone can contain more than basic information.

Add a Meaningful Quote or Statement

The words that you put on your loved one's gravestone matter. When it comes to choosing a quote for your loved one's headstone, you don't have to go for one of the more popular quotes or Bible verses that you see on many headstones.

Instead, chose a quote or phrase that had special meaning for your loved one. If they had a quote they often said or had written somewhere in their home or in their room, that could be a good quote. It could be something that they found inspirational or even funny. Picking something that was personally meaningful to your loved one will give their headstone more significance when people visit.

Add Clip Art that Conveys Meaning

Next, you can add some clip art to their headstone. Clip art is just a simple artistic image whose meaning is easy to convey. You can add the clip art next to their name or their birth and death dates.

Choose a simple image that relates to something your loved one was passionate about. For example, a fish to represent their love of fishing, a soccer ball to represent their love of soccer, or a cross to represent their faith. Adding clip art style images is an easy way to add additional meaning to your loved one's headstone.

Add a Custom Image

Finally, you can add a photorealistic picture to your loved one's headstone. This could be any picture of your loved one that you want to represent them to everyone who goes by their headstone. This could be an image from when they were younger or a more recent image. An artist can use a laser to engrave the image on the headstone so that it will last.

A unique custom headstone that does more than state their birth and death date is a great way to honor your loved one. Create a gravestone that shows who they were and what they cared about with custom quotes, clip art, and custom images that convey who your loved one was and honors their memory in a more personal way.


11 February 2020

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