Ways You Can Save On The Cost Of The Funeral You Must Plan


Planning a funeral is never fun. It is often done while those planning it are experiencing a lot of grief. Not only can the entire process be hard on the emotions, it can be hard on the wallet as well. This can make the stress that you deal with, as the one that has to plan everything, to be a lot worse. However, there are ways that you can actually save money on the cost of the funeral you are planning. As long as you take a little time to review the following tips and put them to good use, you should find that the process can be a little easier for you.

Seriously Consider The Option Of Cremation

Unless the dearly departed specifically requested that they are buried in a casket, you will want to give yourself the time to consider opting for cremation instead. Overall, the cost of cremation is a lot more affordable because of the things you no longer have to purchase. For example, you will not need to purchase a casket, a headstone, or a burial plot. You can still have a viewing though, as funeral homes generally have caskets that you can rent for the viewing. With the cremation, all you may need is an urn to keep the ashes in if you want to have them in something decorative. Even the purchase of the urn can wait if you are tight on cash, as the funeral home will have the ashes placed in a bag and then the bag will go into a plastic container that will be sealed.

Ask For Donations From Friends And Family

You will want to consider the option of asking friends and family if they would be able to contribute anything to the cost of the funeral. You or someone close to you can set up a donation page, which can be shared on social media pages and even shared through email. There might also be the option of asking the funeral home director to collect donations directly through their website. This way, you avoid having to pay any fees for the charity sites and the money goes directly to the funeral home to help cut down the balance owed.

Just doing those two things can help you save a lot of money when it comes to how much you will have to pay for the funeral. Now would also be a good time for you to make an appointment to sit and talk with the funeral home director in person. This way, you will be able to inquire as to whether they have any additional tips to give you.  


10 February 2020

Saying Goodbye With Grace

Unfortunately, death is an inevitable part of life. Everyone knows this, but the knowledge does not make it easier to handle the passing of a loved one. A good funeral home understands what you are going through and takes steps to make this challenging time easier on you and your family members. From leading a memorial service to hosting a viewing, funeral homes can help you say goodbye with grace. If you would like to learn more about funeral homes and the services they offer, check out the articles on this website. We think you will find them informative and helpful in the most caring of ways.