6 Reasons To Consider Having Your Body Cremated


You get to decide what happens to your body after you die. You can choose to have a funeral service where your loved ones can gather and mourn your loss together and then you can choose what is done with your body. Some people decide to be buried, while others opt for cremation. The choice is completely up to you, but you may want to think about choosing cremation. Here are some top reasons to consider having your body cremated:

It May Cost Less

In many cases, the cost of cremation is a lot less compared to burial. If you want to keep your funeral costs down low, this is a good choice to make. Most people have no idea just how much money a funeral can cost until it comes time to pay for it all. 

Your Loved Ones Can Keep You with Them

One great thing about cremation is your ashed can be transported elsewhere after your funeral service. If your family or friends want to have an urn with your ashes at their home, they can do that. Another option is they can scatter your ashes somewhere that is meaningful to you.

Take Up Less Space

Cremation is a great green choice. As the population grows, more burial plots will need to be made in the future. You can do your part and take up less of the Earth's space by choosing cremation. The more people that choose this method, the more Earth that is preserved for other uses. 

It's Easier to Plan

When it comes time to plan your own funeral service, it takes time and effort. If you decide to be buried, you'll have to make many many choices during the planning process. IF you want to make the planning process easier, choosing cremation is the way to go. You'll only need to make a couple of choices and then you can be on your way. For many, this is the less stressful option to go with.

You Can Still Have a Service

Just because you just to be cremated doesn't mean that you can't have a funeral service. You can still hold a service for your loved ones and you can customize it so that it's exactly as you imagine it.

Cremation may be the right choice for you. If you want to learn more about the benefits of cremation, or if you're ready to begin your funeral planning, reach out to a local funeral home to get started. Companies like Romero Family Funeral Home and Cremations can help.


3 February 2020

Saying Goodbye With Grace

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