Attending A Funeral: 5 Tips For All Visitors


Finding out that a loved one has passed away can leave you with a lot of emotions. You're saddened that your loved one is gone, and you may also be a bit apprehensive about having to attend the funeral. Most people do not go to funerals that often, so each time you do, you might be faced with a lot of the same worried about etiquette and proper behavior. Set your worries aside as you read this article, which presents five etiquette guidelines for all funeral attendees.

Be early.

You do not want to be walking into the funeral home in the middle of the service. This would be distracting to others in attendance who are trying to mourn and focus on their lost loved one. Arrive about 15 minutes before the service is scheduled to start. This gives you a chance to separately offer your condolences to the family of the deceased. After you do so, take a seat quietly.

Sit further back.

Choose a seat toward the back of the room unless you are an immediate family member of the deceased, in which case the funeral director will likely tell you where to sit. The first few rows are usually designated for close family members, and although it is not a formal arrangement, the next couple of rows after that are usually for more distant family members. Sit towards the center of the aisle so that people do not have to climb over you to take a seat as they arrive.

Dress in darker colors.

You do not necessarily need to wear black, but you do need to wear a conservative color. Navy blue, brown, or even a patterned shirt that is mostly dark colors would be appropriate. Avoid anything flashy and anything that shows too much skin.

Wait to be dismissed.

When the funeral service is over, wait for an usher to dismiss you before getting up out of your seat. All attendees will usually leave the room quietly. Follow the lead of others in front of you; you may stand in a line to give your condolences before exiting the building.

Sign the guest book.

If there is a guest book, make sure you sign it. The book will typically be located near the front door. It's a way for the deceased person's family to remember the support they were given at this tough time.

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27 January 2020

Saying Goodbye With Grace

Unfortunately, death is an inevitable part of life. Everyone knows this, but the knowledge does not make it easier to handle the passing of a loved one. A good funeral home understands what you are going through and takes steps to make this challenging time easier on you and your family members. From leading a memorial service to hosting a viewing, funeral homes can help you say goodbye with grace. If you would like to learn more about funeral homes and the services they offer, check out the articles on this website. We think you will find them informative and helpful in the most caring of ways.